Feel confident working with a company that others have put their trust in.

"An engineering firm that looks out for the client’s best interest."
- Nell Murray/Murray Consulting Services


“I have been very pleased with the work done for me by O'Neal Bond Engineering. Their service has been on time and within budget, and they are the firm of choice for my business.”
- Len Blackwell/Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes, PLLC


“O’Neal-Bond Engineering has been extremely responsive on economic development projects that we work in Stone County. The services he provides help make a competitive package better.”
- Melissa Morel/Economic Development Rep


“O'Neal-Bond Engineering has provided valuable work as well as advise on projects that included everything from structural to financial application. I am thankful for their time and expertise.”
- Patti McDaniel-Ragsdale/McDaniel's General Merchandise


“O’Neal Bond Engineering has been and continues to be one of the most professional and reliable firms in the business. I would recommend them for any project.”
- Scott Strickland


“In the course of providing environmental consulting services, we have worked with OBE for over 15 years. They have provided our firm's clients effective and experienced engineering solutions that are necessary in today's increasingly burdensome regulatory climate.”
- Billy Culpepper/Culpepper & Associates