Wastewater Solutions

Knowing the importance of having a reliable waste water system works hand in hand with a company that has the experience to provide you with a reliable, ecomonical system.

You can trust O'Neal Bond Engineering to provide you with innovative solutions and designs for all of your wastewater needs. We will survey, design and create technologically advanced, storage, treatment, pumping and/or conveyance systems for your property that meet all regulatory requirements. From municple large systems to smaller individual systems, we can help you. 

Bringing you all the Storm Water solutions

Since the clean water act, regulations have strengthened yearly for storm water pollution. No matter what size project, its important to know the State Regulations that apply to sediment control and also Federal Regulations with regard to wetlands.


Avoid stress and hassle

Start off on the right foot by covering your bases and dont let non-compliance issues slow your project down. Permitting takes enough time as it is but the fastest way through it is doing it right the first time.













        City of Lumberton - Bio blocks in Lagoon - 2016